Nov 27, 2013

HowTo: Install Epson L110 in Fedora

Step 1: download Epson L110 driver on Epson's official website (you need to press the accept button to see all available files)

Step 2: select your system architechture (download only .rpm files)

Step 3: open your terminal

Step 4: su -

Step 5: cd Downloads (or wherever you placed your downloaded files)

Step 6: yum localinstall your-downloaded-file.rpm
(ex. yum localinstall epson-inkjet-printer-201207w-1.0.0-1lsb3.2.x86_64.rpm)

Step 7: tada! your Epson Printer Driver is now installed! You can now see the Epson L110 driver when you are installing your printer!

** Notes **
You need to install the driver for the printer to work properly, before I used Epson NX100 driver on an Epson L100 printer and it works fine, if you used the same driver on the L110, when you are printing a document, it will simply feed and eject your paper for many many times, maybe infinite!

If somehow you cannot download from the link above, leave a comment and your email and i'll email to you a copy of the files, both i486 and x86_64

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