Jan 6, 2014

HowTo: Fix Video Problem while Booting Fedora 19 LiveUSB / LiveCD

- I boot my fedora 19 live usb, got to the graphical part. I am supposed to be greeted by the user log-in dialog but instead, I only got the wallpaper, nothing else. I can still move my mouse pointer around.


- Fedora 19 LiveUSB
- Intel Atom D510 Motherboard


- Turns out that I am seeing only a part of the desktop, probably 1/4 only.
- I read somewhere that fedora might have detected a non existing display with very big resolution, that is why I can see only a portion of the desktop.


- boot LiveUSB or LiveCD
- select Live Mode and press TAB to edit options

- add video=LVDS-1:d at the end of the command and press enter

- this should fix the problem

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